Monday, June 17, 2013

Days of Play

We had a play date last week!
I have to admit, before our big day I was a little worried about how Beads would act at a new house. An environment change like that usually winds him up - sometimes to the point of no return. He will war-cry through the place as happy as can be but unable or unwilling to  listen/follow directions/calm down even a smidgen. This spurs lots of chasing on Mommy and Daddy's part and a whole lot of "No, Beads. Get out of there! Come back over here. Watch where you're going before you get....hurt". He's not trying to be difficult really, he just gets so excited and overstimulated that usually the only way he can dial it down is to head back home to his routine. But....

This was not one of those days!

Thanks to The Best Playroom Known to Man and its kid-friendly layout plus the help of our awesome mom friend, we had a blast. I was very proud of them both! Ballerina and her friends R and N had the cutest little tea party in their dress-up gowns. They consumed enough water tea to hydrate a horse and even when Ballerina was hard at work building a train track, R would pour refills and kindly dole out sips to her. It was the funniest thing!

Another highlight of our week was dinner with The B Family. We LOVE hanging out with these guys!
The kiddos weaved together a potholder and ran around outside all evening while Daddy Jam and I got to visit with some of our favorite grown-ups. And we found out that they are expecting a baby! So, so, so excited for them!

The rest of the week was spent taking Beads to his therapies, Ballerina to her dance class, and cleaning up our (usually disastrous) house in preparation for Ballerina's fourth (WHAT?!) birthday party. I cannot believe she is four. I miss my chubby, big-headed, always-hamming-it-up baby! The one who was born as red and angry as can be. Seriously. Don't let her fool you here...she was (is) a firecracker!

(More about our birthday fun next post.)

The rest of our week is pretty much summed up like this...

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  1. So cute! Happy Birthday! We'll have to get together again soon! :)